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One of the most important keys to Stop motion animation is getting a camera. Most people who are just getting started use a digital camera, because they already own one or for other reasons. This method works, but takes a great deal amount longer to get it into a movie file. Animating that way may lead to finishing capturing the frames, but never dubbing it into a movie. Also, it is very hard to keep a digital camera still, so it will  very wobbly, resulting in a cheap-looking production. I learned this the hard way, after spending around two hours on one of my first videos. Webcams on the other hand are extremely useful. The most benifiting factor is that it plugs via usb directly into your computer, eliminating the transfering part, saving tons of time. Secondly, most animation programs will only support a webcam or video camera. The quality of your finished video depends largely on the webcam you choose. I highly reccomend Logitech Webcams, so let's look at a few different types of their webcams:


Logitech "C" Series


Price: $20-$70


Quality: 3-10 megapixels (medium-high)


Features: Built-in Mic


Pros: Great quality for a great price. Works great with Animator DV Simple, and has toolbar program in which you can tweak the settings (like focus, brightness, ect.) without opening the settings window.


Cons: A little unstable, although the folding back, used for attaching it to the edge of a laptop, can be formed into a flat shape.


Quickcam Pro

Price: $70-$90


Quality: 1.3-8 megapixels


Features: Built-in Mic


Pros: Same as "C" Series


Cons: Newer cams were built for attachment to laptops, so on a flat surface, a bit wobbly.



Quickcam Orbit AF


Price: $90-$120 (I got mine off Ebay for $50)


Quality: 6-8 megapixels (high)


Features: Motorized Pan and Tilt , Face tracking, Pole attachment, Built-in Mic


Pros: Everything of the "C" series, plus a wide circle base, which is almost impossible to accidentally knock over. Slides great for panning shots.


Cons: The quality with the color gray may be a bit cheap.

Quickcam Orbit MP


Price: $114


Quality: 1.3 megapixels (low)


Features: Motorized Pan and Tilt, Pole attachment, Built-in Mic


Pros: For the price, not much.


Cons: Terrible Quality



I would recommend the "C" series for beginners, for they are relatively cheap, and work great. The Orbit AF works well for me, so it are a great possibility too. Alot of animators use quickcam pros though.


Many stores such as Walmart, Target, and other retailers carry the Logitech "C" Series, so check out your local store for prices before you purchase one from the internet. Hope this helps!






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