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Posted by Charlie on October 9, 2010 at 8:57 PM

If you want to learn what Stop-motion animation is, or how to do it, you've come to the right place.


Stop-motion animation is taking a bunch of pictures and putting them all together to make a movie.  First, you'll need a software to capture all the pictures, and turn them into an AVI, a movie file.  There are a lot of these softwares that cost money, but there are several good free ones.  I reccomend:


Animator DV Simple - The best free capturing software I have ever used.  It is easy enough for begginers to use, but has tons of great features like onion skinning, and is great for more advanced animators too.

Read more about it in our Animator DV Simple Tutorial, or visit its website in our Links section.


You'll also need a capturing device.  You can use a camera, but it is much easier to use a webcam.  If you want to get into Stop-motion animation, I reccomend getting a decent webcam for your computer.  They make movie making easy and fun.


Next, you'll need a software to put all the AVIs together, add sound effects or music, and give your movie cool titles, credits, effects and transitions.  The best place to do this is:


Windows Movie Maker - WMM comes with most PC computers but you can download it for free by clicking on one of the two links at the bottom of this paragraph.  WMM is a very professional Movie editing software.  Easy for begginers.  Drag and drop avis to your timeline, add sound effects, give it a cool title, and you're done.  But of course, when you get more experience, you can add video transitions, special video effects, title overlays, credits, and more.  Check out our Windows Movie Maker Tutorial to learn more about it.  You probably have it in your programs if you have an XP.

If you don't already have it, use either of the two links below.


WMM for Windows XP

WMM for Windows 7 (renamed to Windows Live Movie Maker)


If you don't want to animate real objects,  but still want to make stop-motion animations on your computer, you could try a computer animation software.  Most of these are very complicated and hard to use, but we use one that is fun and easy to use. It is called:


Pivot - Animate stick figures right on your computer.  Very fun to use, and easy to learn.  This is harder to turn into a full movie with sound effects, but you can read the full instructions for it by going to our

Pivot Tutorial.  Check it out in our Links section.


To learn more about any of these softwares, and other movie making tips, read our other tutorials.

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