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About Us

We are a group of friends who like to animate in our spare time.  Our favorite type of Stop-motion animation is Brickfilming, which is making movies featuring Legos.  We also write tutorials to help others learn how to animate too. 

We created this site to show others our animations, get them interested in animating, and help them get started.  This Page displays both of our animators.

Charlie- Website Designer and Animator.

I have liked Brickfilming for a long time. I'm not a professional, but one of my favorite hobbies is to sit down at my desk and set up a scene for a Lego stop-motion animation. I have done most of the designing on this website, and I enjoy seeing it get more and more views.

I have also tried experimenting with other types of animation, like the Drawmation Test.

Soon, I will be introducing my main characters into my future films.  They are:

   Mike and Shaun are best pals at the Academy For Awesome Fighting (aka AFAF).  They are specially trained to fight back against all types of evil.  They are experts with lightsabers, great gunmen and can fight with no weapons at all.  They both excell in karate, and Mike is a world champion kicker.  We hope to see many exciting animations featuring these two heroes.

Josh- Website Designer, Founder, and Animator

Although it takes an extreme amount of patience and focus, brickfilming is a rewarding and exciting skill for me. It all started when I grew out of the stage of intentively playing with legos. I wanted to do more, because otherwise I would be left with a great variety of minifigures and sets, which would not be used as often.

So I purchased a webcam, and began my first ten-second animation, which I was very proud of. Since then, I have upgraded immensly, and now hope to put an interesting aspect to my videos, involving humor, action, and effects. I hope to post more and more brickfilms. Soon, (Very soon) At least one of these two minifigs below will be in an epic movie. : )





Dave was in my first movie, and was actually a Pirate, not a Stormtrooper. Since then, he has changed dramatically. I decided that both I and Dave needed a pal, so one of my friends fills in the voice of Tony, and I of Dave. Dave and Tony are Rebels... in disguise. To gain a bit of knowledge on what the empire's plans were, the Rebel Counsel sent out two rookies, hoping for the best. With some outdated armor from the past clone wars, the two friends get taken in as new recruits, from a star destroyer to the infameous Death Star. Out of the troop Dave and Tony were submitted in, a few friends have made, and many wacky adventures have taken place on the massive machine of destruction. Darth Vader and his boss Sideous take place in many future episodes too. Also, Dave and Tony might also be stars in different themed movies. Anyway, summed up, alot of awesomeness has been packed in these two inch tall heros.